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 2014 Book Fair 


Kym Brunner

Billie Diersen

Thomas Hanratty

Sandra Kring

Lisa Lickel

Naomi Musch

Gregory Peck

Nancy Rafal

Rodney Schroeter

William Messner-Loebs

Katie Sparks

LaToya Watson

Christine Keleny

Mary Grace Murphy

J.R. Turner



Naomi Musch Reading "Ellis Hollis Gets Her Man" 
Jade Ring First Place Winner in Adult Fiction

Congratulations to the 2014 Jade Ring Winners!


1st – Bruce Campbell, “Medical School Commencement v. Graduation”

2nd – Joel Habush, “Nights of the Roundtable”

3rd – Brenda Axt, “Read It Then Die”

Honorable Mention - Joanne Nelson, “Speeding, In a Good Way”

Honorable Mention – Gary Jones, “Adjunct”


1st –Jim Brakken, “Dale”

2nd – Bill Mathis, “Three Feet”

3rd – Nancy Sweetland, “The Great Ride”

Honorable Mention –Jim Brakken “Opening Day”

Fiction for Young People

1st – Jim Guhl, “Mr. Schnitzer’s Diamond”

2nd – Brenda Axt, “Who Are You, What Do You say?”

3rd – Pamela Parker, “Quintin and Lucius”

Adult Fiction

1st – Naomi Musch, “Ellie Hollis Gets Her Man”

2nd – Heidi Overson, “Evil Sleeps While Goodness Creeps”

3rd – Heidi Overson, “Waters of Paradise”

Honorable Mention – Joan Zeier, “Love Letters in the Dust”

Honorable Mention – Jim Guhl, “Water Aerobics”

Formal Poetry

1st – Suzy Wedeward, “Dreaming in Sestina”

2nd – Mary Jo Balistreri, “From a Crow’s Point of View”

3rd – Mary Jo Balistreri, “Witness to the Stars”

Honorable Mention – Joel Habush, “Dance of the Authors”

Honorable Mention – Yvette Flaten, “Villanelle for Ruth and Liz”

Free Verse Poetry

1st – Mike Orlock, Poetry Apocalypse, who receives a ring.

2nd – Charles Haislet, Long Thinking – receives a check

3rd – Liz Rhodebeck, Summer Job – receives a check

HM – Lori Lipsky, The Widow on the Block, receives a certificate

HM – Doris Bezio, Second Chance, receives a certificate

Wisconsin Romance Writers of America

The WisWRA has four major events coming up this October. Find out more HERE.

Robert E. Gard Book Available Online

The e-book, The Robert E. Gard Reader, just published, features the writing and key ideas of Robert E. Gard, all told in a very autobiographical and evocative way. It contains the story from Grassroots Theater about how WWA began, even including the Creed of WWA. There's also the text of a talk he gave, "Notes for Writers Who Are Desperately Moved to Write," which may well have been given at a WWA conference. WWA president, LaMoine MacLaughlin, wrote the foreword to the e-book. Click on the following link to enjoy it. It is free online.

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