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Creative Wisconsin magazine is your outlet to showcase your literary endeavors. Please submit your prose poetry, artwork, essays, member book information and reviews. Send submissions as directed in the guidelines to cwmed [at] wiwrite.org. We are also soliciting advertising. Because Creative Wisconsin is a biannual publication with limited space, members may submit work any time for consideration in the next available edition. Submissions should include a very brief couple of sentences bio of the author.


Acceptable submissions from WWA Members:

  • articles/essays (max. 2,000 words)

  • fiction (max. 2,000 words)

  • creative non-fiction (max. 2,000 words)

  • poetry (max. 50 lines)

  • memoirs (max. 1,000 words)

  • Legacy reports (see Legacy Project authors on the main Creative Wisconsin information page)

  • current WWA contest winning entries

  • member book reviews and publication announcements (max. 400 words)


Submission guidelines  



February 1 for the March 1 edition
May 1 for the June 1 edition
August 1 for the September 1 edition
November 1 for the December 1 edition

Previous issues are available for download here

The Wisconsin Writers Legacy Project


NOTE: The list of available authors will no longer be published in each edition of Creative Wisconsin. Please use the following information as a guideline for choosing an author to write about in upcoming editions of the magazine. Pictures of at least 300 dpi resolution very welcome.


WWA Members Write about Wisconsin writers


During his presentation at WRWA’s 2008 Spring Conference in La Crosse, Jerry Apps suggested that each WWA magazine should include something about the Association’s history and something about Wisconsin’s rich legacy of writers. I’d like to do that. But I need your help to do so—your help (that means all of you WWA members out there). Send me a message at cwmed[at]wiwrite.org if you would like to prepare an article on a Wisconsin writer or some aspect of WWA’s history.
   Wisconsin authors are considered to be those who were born, raised, or lived a significant portion of their lives in Wisconsin.


NOTE: Because we all have different perspectives on the authors, I do not mind duplicate reports. Please query the editor first. More than one biography can be submitted for publication, as each author will have a different experience and there is always more than one side to any story.


Authors previously written about in earlier editions of Creative Wisconsin

Winter 2010
Jessica Nelson North, by LaMoine MacLaughlin
Summer 2011
Herbert Kubly, by John P. Roberts
Ellen Hunicutt, by Marshall J. Cook
Dale Wasserman, by Ludmilla Bollow
Tony Wons, by Mary Jacobsen

Winter 2011
Norbert Blei, by Barbara Fitz VromanPage
Summer 2012
Adeline Crapsey, by Sarah Mautz
Alice Sebold, Suzy Wedeward
John Muir, by Kathleen McGwin  


Authors in progress
A. Manette Ansay
Jerry Apps
Frederic Brown
Edna Ferber
Zona Gale
Robert Gard
Hamlin Garland
Ellen Kort
Ben Logan
Alice Sebold
Paul MacKendrick
Lorraine Niedecker
Joyce Carroll Oates
Margot Peters
Craig Rice
Peter Straub
Gladys Taber
Reuben Gold Thwaits
Dale Wasserman
Jane Hamilton
George F. Kennan

Authors available, and please also submit your own ideas, query first to the editor, please.

Stephen E Ambrose (1936 - 2002) raised in Whitewater
Linda Aschbrenner, poet, essayist, from Marshfield
Warren Beck (1896 - 1986) lived in Appleton
Robert Bloch (1917 - 1994) raised in Milwaukee
Anthony Bukoski
James Campbell born in Lodi Wisconsin
Alden Carter born in Eau Claire, lives in Marshfield
Frederic G. Cassidy (1907-2000) lived in Madison
Kelly Cherry (1940 -    ) lived in Madison
Cathryn Cofell lives in Appleton
Marshall Cook (1944 -    ) teaches at UW-Madison
Merle Curti (1897 - 1996) lived in Madison
August Derleth (1909 - 1971) born in Sauk City
Mark Dintenfass (1941 -    ) lives in Appleton
Mary Relindes Ellis, born in Glidden, lives in Hammond
Horace Gregory (1898 - 1982) born in Milwaukee
Frances Hamerstrom (1907 - 1998) lived in Plainfield
Robert Haveman (1936 -    ) lives in Madison
Walter Havighurst (1901 - 1994) born in Appleton
Kevin Henkes
William Best Hesseltine (1902 - 1963) lived in Appleton
John Hildebrand (1949 -    ) lives in Eau Claire
C. J. Hribal, a Hortonville native
Edmund Kern (1963 -    ) lives in Appleton
David Kherdian (1931 -    ) born in Racine
Gunnard Landers (1944 -    ) born in Tomahawk
Aldo Leopold (1886 - 1948) lived in Madison
Mike Loew lives in Madison, Editor of "The Onion"
Joseph McBride (1947 -    ) born in Milwaukee, screenwriter and
biographer of great figures in film history
Edna Meudt (1906 - 1989) born in Wyoming Valley, poet, folklorist, historian, and raconteur
Lorrie Moore (1957 -    ), Madison, novelist & short story writer
Jorge Vital de Brito Moreira
John Muir (1838 - 1914) raised in Fox River Valley
Sterling North (1906 - 1974) born in Edgerton
Michael Norman
Michael Perry (1964 -    ) lives in New Auburn
Felix Pollak (1909 - 1987) lived in Madison, Felix Pollak Prize in Poetry was founded in 1994.
Francis Paul Prucha (1921 -    ) raised in River Falls
Larry Shue (1946 - 1985) lived in Milwaukee, resident playwright of the Milwaukee Repertory Theater
Red Smith (1905 - 1982) born in Green Bay, considered one of America's greatest sportswriters
Gladys Bagg Taber (1899 - 1980) raised in Appleton
Marilyn Taylor, Wisconsin poet laureate
John Toland (1912 - 2004) born in LaCrosse, who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Rising Sun
Frederick Jackson Turner (1861 - 1932) born in Portage, one of America's greatest historians
George Vukelich (1927 - 1965) wrote about hunting and fishing
Ronald Wallace (1945 -) Madison, a nationally acclaimed poet
Larry Watson (1947 -    ) lives in Stevens Point, a poet and novelist, deals with life on the western plains
Glenway Wescott (1901 - 1987) Kewaskum, poet, novelist, and critic
Thornton Wilder (1897 - 1975) born in Madison, won 2 Pulitzers
Betty Ren Wright (1927 - ) Racine, ghost tales and mysteries
Sister Madeleva Wolff

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