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Presented by Laurie Scheer

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A Wisconsin Writers Association Seminar, January 10, 2023

It is January. It is a new year. This is often the time of year that we commit to resolutions such as losing weight, smoke/drink less or eat less sugar, pay attention to elements of our lives that need attention.

So we join gyms, hire nutritionists and/or start a new routine…

that lasts for about two or three weeks and then it is right back to our old patterns.

Our writing practice is often neglected, just like these other well-intentioned items, so, what can we do to assure that this year, January 2023, our writing practice is strong and stays strong?

Attend our BUTTS IN CHAIRS seminar. Writing Mentor & Coach Laurie Scheer addresses these questions and invites attendees to discuss: 

  • As a writer, what is your greatest fear?
  • Do you have doubts about your writing ability?
  • What keeps you from your writing routine?
  • Have you ever hit a dry patch/writing block where writing stopped completely and why?
  • Suggestions about how to keep the flow going are offered.
  • Wisdom and advice about writing forward are shared.

Join us for a lively presentation and discussion. Youll be inspired to keep writing forward at the start of 2023 and throughout the new year. 

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