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Review of Second Nature

  • Sat, July 23, 2022 12:53 PM
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    Title: Second Nature

    Name of author: Amber Boudreau

    Genre: Fantasy  

    Page length: 314

    Date published: February 2, 2022  

    Publisher: GenZ Publishing

    Reviewer: Keridak Silk

    Mavis has lost almost all of her memories. She has no idea who she is. If she had family or friends. She does however have a strange fascination with werewolves and an excellent chocolate chip cookie recipe.

    In Second Nature Amber Boudreau has created a world where the human population has recently learned that werewolves are real and that they live among us. This revelation has startled neighbors both the accepting and of course those opposed. The wolves have their own dilemma, dealing with being outed just as their leader, the Aldwulf, disappears.

    Because of her inquisitive nature and determination to discover the truth, Mavis finds herself in the middle of the fight for dominance amongst the pack. Can she discover who she is and her own power in time to save both the wolves and  humankind from a malicious alpha-wolf determined to become the new leader?

    Throw in a sprinkling of shapeshifters called two-natured and delight in Boudreau’s fantasy world. I appreciated the explanations of the fantastical. It made this world feel real in a way that many created places do not. One such description is where magic resides. “It’s what you call the fugue. It’s not bad or good, it just is. It’s a place where things end and things begin. Where things are born.”

    I was caught up in Mavis’ search for her past from the first sentence. The supporting characters were all interesting personalities, many with hidden abilities. I enjoyed the mystery. What happened to the Aldwulf? Who could be trusted? Without memories could Mavis even trust herself?

    I enjoyed the other characters’ reactions. In one scene Mavis arrives at her friend’s door, bloodied and naked. She answers his question, “No I’m not a werewolf.”

    “Okay.” He cleared his throat. “You were saying.”

    The matter of fact acceptance, yet hesitant overtones were a running subplot. Who was two-natured, who was a werewolf and who was a human that could be accepting kept an added tension throughout the novel.

    Second Nature is a wonderful read. A beautifully written, enjoyable fantasy. I recommend it to those who love both paranormal and mystery.

    Reviewed by Keridak Silk

    Bio: Wisconsin/Florida author Keridak Silk: A kaleidoscope of magic, myth, and reality. Intuitive counselor, tarot reader, and hypnotist, Keridak’s nature makes her a perfect pantser. Stories surprise her as much as they will you. Her fiction and non-fiction cover multiple genres. Discover her published and upcoming creations on her website.


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